Services Offered

The community based services offered at Centerpointe are carried out utilizing a best practices approach to service delivery. Additionally, we also incorporate evidence-based approaches to care and implement “what works” criteria when working with youth and their families. With programming that is catered to the individual’s needs, Centerpointe’s community based services include the following core elements:

  • Treatment that is administered in the home and community
  • Sexually harmful youth treatment
  • Sexualy reactive youth treatment
  • Trauma focused treatment for victims of abuse
  • Intensive family therapy
  • Survivors of Domestic Violence therapy
  • Group therapy for survivors of Domestic Violence
  • Mentoring/Direct Care services (in the home, community and school)
  • Visitation Facilitation both case management led and therapeutic
  • Assessments
    • Clinical Interview Assessment for children, adolescents, teens and adults
    • Trauma Assessment for children, adolescents, teens and adults, and specifically for Sexually Reactive Youth
    • Psychosexual Assessment for adolescents and teens
    • Domestic Violence Assessment with the focus on the survivor
  • Preservation services
  • Reunification services
  • Case management services
  • Collaborative efforts with school personnel
  • Assistance with resource identification
  • Assistance with additional referrals for care and support


The therapists who facilitate these services are Master’s level and employ Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy when working all populations. Case Managers are bachelor’s individuals who employ Cognitive Behavioral approaches. Furthermore, Centerpointe’s community based services are designed to care for youth and their families in a holistic manner, as identifying and treating all areas of concern is necessary in order to produce healthy familial functioning and healing.

Lastly, these services include 24-hour on-call availability should an emergency situation arise that requires immediate attention from our staff. We incorporate this feature in these services so as to remain a source of support for youth and their families and to preserve the safety and wellbeing of all who come to Centerpointe for treatment.

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