Treatment Programs & Levels of Care

Centerpointe Community Based Services offers a vast array of programming options that are designed to help families who are in need of outside supports in order to address various challenges that they may be facing. The services that we proudly offer include the following:

  • Our cross system of care offers comprehensive services for youth and their families in the least restrictive setting possible. These services are child-centered and family-driven. With four levels of services tailored to meet the needs of youths and their families, we provide strength-based discovery and safety/crisis planning.
  • Home-based family therapy provides intensive, in-home therapeutic services for high risk youth and their families. This therapeutic intervention is both family-focused and child-centered. Treatment for victims of sexual abuse is also offered through this service.
  • Functional family therapy is an evidence-based treatment modality that provides short-term interventions for youth between the ages of 11 and 18 and their families. This service lasts for a maximum period of six months and meets the goal of improving family functioning while decreasing blame and negativity.
  • Home-based family-centered casework is Centerpointe’s case management service which provides the following:
    • Community referrals and follow-up
    • Home visits and supervised visitation
    • Parent training with the child present
    • Facilitates transportation as needed
  • Sex offender treatment (SOT) offers intensive services for moderate to high risk youth. Through the implementation of individual therapy, family therapy, and home and community safety planning, the staff at Centerpointe is able to help these at-risk adolescents remain safe while simultaneously preventing relapse. Compliance monitoring is also offered as part of this program.
  • Foster family support services provides case management for youth and their foster families. Included in these case management services are the following:
    • Parent and child development education
    • Family communication training
    • Crisis support
    • Community services/referrals and follow-up
  • Diagnostic and evaluation services include specialized psychosexual assessments for youth who have a history of engaging in sexually maladaptive behaviors and/or who have been the victim of sexual abuse.
  • Parenting / family functional assessments involve extensive in-home evaluations during which comprehensive reports of parenting skills and abilities are composed, as well as assessments regarding family functioning. Such evaluations are then followed by recommendations for appropriate services and/or treatment when necessary.
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