Our Treatment Philosophy

The primary philosophy behind Centerpointe’s programming is to follow the best practices when delivering care to those who come to us for treatment. We utilize a cognitive behavioral approach to care so that each client is better able to understand the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Additionally, we collaborate with the family so that they can acquire better insight into the familial relationship and how their choices and conflicts play a role in how the family functions. We strive to help youth, adults and their families form a strong network of support so that healthy functioning can occur independently.

Additionally, we work to identify the strengths of those who come to us for care and build upon them by engaging every family member in the therapeutic process so that true healing can be achieved family-wide. Our experienced and highly trained staff focuses on this goal and delivers services with an awareness of each family’s culture and understanding that the dynamics within each family can be different. Lastly, we encourage every family that we treat to utilize community resources that foster additional support so that the autonomy achieved within each family can be ensured long after completing services at Centerpointe.

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