About Centerpointe

Centerpointe Community Based Services provides comprehensive and intensive home based sexual abuse treatment services for adolescents who have sexually maladaptive behavioral issues and for children who have been the victims of sexual abuse. Since all of our patients and their families have a wide variety of needs, we provide a number of different treatment services. These services include:

  • Cross system of care
  • Home based family therapy
  • Functional family therapy
  • Home based family centered casework
  • Sex offender treatment
  • Foster family support services
  • Family centered treatment
  • Diagnostic and evaluation services
  • Parenting/functional assessments

The effective treatment interventions offered throughout each one of our programs include:

  • Evaluation of clients adherence to principles of risk, need, and responsiveness
  • Assessment of clients individual risk factors
  • Cognitive behavioral interventions
  • Post traumatic maintenance and follow up programming

Our cognitive behavioral interventions help to change patterns of affect, cognition, and behavior as well as help the child develop a number of pro-social, non-offending attitudes and believes. Furthermore, these interventions are designed to help our patients learn to target risk factors, self-regulation, and prevent possible relapse. Additionally, through our restorative model and strengths based approach, our highly qualified staff will work with each patient and their family, building off of their unique strengths, in order to develop more positive social activity. In turn, this will help improve the patient, their family, and the community as a whole. This approach also encourages altruistic acts by assisting the patient to improve their self-efficacy and level of functioning. All methods are implemented while also managing risks and maintaining the safety of each patient entrusted in our care.

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