Committed to Finding Direction.

We're dedicated to providing exceptional treatment to children, teens, and their families in their homes and communities.

Welcome to Centerpointe

Our Vision is to help clients and families find direction through empowerment and emphasis of their strengths while providing comprehensive, collaborative, and respectful services.

Centerpointe Community Based Services are designed to provide preservation and reunification services for those in the community who are in need of support and supervision. All services are available to both males and females of various ages and at various IQ levels. Our comprehensive treatment services are provided in the home or in the community. Our target populations include children, adolescents, adults, and families. Centerpointe staff provides therapy, case management and mentoring services for youth who present with sexually harmful behaviors, sexually reactive behaviors, victims of abuse (i.e. physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual), behavioral issues, reunification, clarification and mental health needs. Also services are offered for parents, caregivers, families and adults which include individual therapy, family therapy, and case management services to address varying needs such as parenting skills, mental health needs, reunification, and behavioral concerns. In order to meet a wide variety of treatment needs, our highly trained professionals provide a number of different treatment services, of which include the following:

  • Home-based family therapy
  • Home-based family centered casework
  • Sexually Harmful treatment
  • Foster family support services
  • Diagnostic and evaluation services
  • • Clinical Interview Assessment
    • Trauma Assessment (included is Sexually Reactive Youth and victims of trauma)
    • Psychosexual Assessment
  • Survivors of Domestic Violence Services
    • Domestic Violence Assessment
    • Group therapy for the survivors (an adult and children’s group)
  • Mentoring/Direct Care services
  • Therapeutic and Case Management Visitation Facilitation

Our treatment staff is on call 24 hours a day and is available to address any concerns you may have. Each one of our programs is designed to assist families in being able to develop their own support system, as well as gain the tools on how to access community resources that will allow them to function independently.